Tarot Card of the Week – Wisdom

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This weeks Tarot Card is ‘Wisdom‘ from the John Holland Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck. This card suggests that you may need to take a step back and learn a few universal lessons before continuing on your journey. Typically, before you can be inspirational and innovative in your life, it is beneficial to absorb previous knowledge and consult wise counsel. Learning the foundations of your area of interest allows you to predict future challenges and plan accordingly. This week is a perfect time to reach out to like-minded people. This could simply mean joining a gym or attending a yoga or mediation class. Chances are that you will meet someone, at least incidentally, who will impart valuable knowledge onto you. Every experience is an opportunity to learn. Sometimes we need to be proactive in drawing a meaning out of a seamlessly uneventful encounter.

If you are looking to receive more love in your life, then this card encourages you to give up some of your own love and time to others. Undoubtedly, you have valuable wisdom, resources, or knowledge that you can share. When you give unselfishly, you open yourself up to receive positive experiences. This raises your vibrational frequency and therefore puts you in a powerful position to attract love. This week is also an ideal time to give your emotional and physical health some attention. You may have been feeling drained and flat recently. It’s time to reach out and receive some external guidance and support.

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