Tarot Card of the Week – 9 Spiritual Strength

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spiritual strength

This week’s tarot card is the number 9 ‘Spiritual Strength’ from the John Holland Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck. This card is a reminder that you already possess the inner resources to complete your goal. You’ve exhibited great strength and discipline along your journey, however, this has likely fatigued you. You may now be harbouring doubts about your ability to be able to see your goal through to the end. This card is a sign that you should not give up! You’ve done all the hard work; the universe is giving you one final challenge to test your faith and commitment before it grants your wish!

Now is not the time to make reckless or rash decisions. Take the time to fully evaluate your resources so that you are prepared for the challenge ahead. The practical and spiritual lessons you have learned in the past have made you strong, wise, and resilient. There may be some tension at work this week, stay calm and use your maturity to ‘rise above’. If you are looking for love, there may be one last emotional blockage you need to overcome in order to attract someone special. Take some time to identify what this may be. When you feel whole and love yourself completely, you will be in a powerful position to attract a fulfilling and drama-free relationship.

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