Tarot Card of the Week – 8 Emotional Withdrawal

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Tarot - Emotional Withdrawal

This week’s tarot card is the number 8 ‘Emotional Withdrawal’ from the John Holland Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck. This card asks you to take a step back and look within yourself to see if there are any limiting beliefs or behaviors that no longer serve you. You may be noticing that despite your best intentions you are not receiving the results you desire. You have come along way and accumulated many powerful experiences, however, not all these experiences need to shape your future. Identify what is working for you and minimise what is not.

On a personal level, you may need to let go of a relationship that does not promote spiritual and intellectual growth. On a physical level, you may be getting too involved in materialistic and external pleasures. Now is a time to temporarily withdrawal from the outside world and reflect on the future that you wish to create. Take some time to reconfirm your goals. This card signifies that you already possess the inner resources to take effective action, however, you need to make your intentions clear and identify what is stopping you from achieving them.

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